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Fifth Avenue Coins has been proudly serving the numismatic community since 2005. We will BUY your Coins, Banknotes (bills) and Tokens from Canada the United States and the World. We will consider ENTIRE collections and they may include GOLD SILVER and other PRECIOUS metals. WE DO NOT BUY plated items, or stones of any sort including diamonds, rubies, or sapphire etc. All jewelry will be purchased for their PRECIOUS METAL content ONLY

Remember to NEVER CLEAN your COINS. We reserve the RIGHT to REFUSE  any purchase for ANY REASON. All sales are FINAL and will be made with YOUR GOVERNMENT I.D. If we detect STOLEN ITEMS or FAKES of ANY SORT from you, WE WILL CONTACT AUTHORITIES IMMEDIATELY.

Fifth Avenue Coins will do appraisals for a FEE. Please contact us directly for rates. 

Thanks to Covid-19 shutdowns we are BACK to a COMPLETELY MOBILE SERVICE. We will meet with you at your home, office or favorite coffee shop and buy your collection LARGE or small. We do have other accommodations in various cities/towns - ask for details

Please use the form here to get started - THANK YOU!

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